seen by our eyes

We weren't lucky enough to be invited to the feast so take the digestif with us and enjoy this gallery.


Every day we pass by monuments, forests, fields, animals that are a little part of our family and we wanted to share them with you and make you understand why we love our region.

Good visit.

The castle of  

Sully sur Loire

It looks like the castle of my Sweet, less cartoonish and with too many stories that end badly!

The must-see castle of Sully-sur-Loire! One of the wonderful emblems of the gates of Sologne.

Early in the morning we meet all kinds of animals

Buse Variable


Chevreuil mâle ou "brocard"
Canards colvert
And, to my right, a big beast which is harmless to me, well I think ..... not like the other at the top, watch out for the hair on the buttocks!
Cygne tuberculé
Hirondelle rustique ou Hirondelle des granges
Come on, if we were going to do a short length!
La Loire

1 River, streams and more than 3000 ponds

L'étang du Puits

These lakes, ponds and streams, what a wonder!

Sometimes, we get up very early to take pictures and even sometimes we do nothing, it's not a screw, I tell you

The painter is the sun!

Levers et couchers de soleil, parfois, on ne voit pas la différence!

Allez vite, en route.....

Along for the adventure

The undergrowth ... no need to run around the world to find adventure. Walking in the woods is enough to get away from it all!

Colonie de Cormorans
I too am an artist!



The different landscapes or places lead us to look at them in many ways.

Entre Sologne et Beauce, la Loire en ballon dirigeable.
Barque de Loire à Gien
Pécheurs et nageurs se côtoient à l'étang du Puits
Exhibition of old "Helyett" bikes and motorcycles in Sully-sur-Loire