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T he landscapes of


To discover France and sometimes Europe, a camera over the shoulder is what I would like to do more often. Part of my vacation is for that, so check out some shots


T he large animals

from Sologne

I work for a person who has land. Every afternoon, crossing them from time to time, I see fallow deer, roe deer or hinds. I have only one desire, to hunt, the image, of course. It happens to me from time to time late but worse still, the beautiful shot, the beautiful image does not wait. Immortalizing these beautiful animals gives me joy and delights me. Now it's up to you.

The sport

I am surrounded by sportsmen, which allows me to take beautiful shots. You just have to wait for the moment, the beautiful movement, the smirk, the effort, the suffering to trigger. I'm not in my element, you have to work more instinctively than when I find myself in my countryside, in the middle of my herbs or my flowers, but what a pleasure when the image is perfect and the effort is frozen.


T he I nsects

I am fortunate to live in the countryside, to have a garden, to be surrounded by fields and ponds, a magnificent studio in full and natural surroundings, the ideal setting to exploit my passion, observe the little one, the study and freeze it, what pride when the image is successful, isn't it !!! .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

DSC_3238 (1) (2)-2_edited.jpg

I live in the Pays de Loire, humid and very wooded. I take advantage that all these breeds of birds have chosen to land in my region but you should not imagine that they pose and let me enjoy their beautiful plumage, if I get too close or lack discretion , bye bye, they fly away, change horizon and farewell to beautiful images. I say this with a lot of humor, but that's what happens most often.

The Big Birds

T he Little Birds

You put a display, a hut or any other support on which you put what seeds and they become your friends but trying to make the beautiful image, it's more complex, we put in place, regularly a staging to develop our photos, the frame is 60% of the image. This Rouge Gorge that you see in the photo, we call it "thief", as soon as we put the kibble in the cat's cup, without fear he will steal one or two.


T he F their

As with insects, we find multiple categories of flowers near our place of residence, the inspiration is to be carried from our cameras. From February to September, the gardens and the fields bloom and give us the chance to take magnificent images. We find the most beautiful blueberries in the middle of the wheat fields.

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