T raised S oleil

The possibility of sleeping where we want, gives us the opportunity to observe magical sunrises and capture this image at the right time

T he meetings

The beach in winter brings us its share of surprise, this musician and this charming dancer are the perfect example that one can escape more easily on a deserted beach.

The sun does us the honor of painting the sky for a handful of lucky people. We have the impression that he does it at that time because he knows that people who have the strength to face the cold are lovers of his art.

T he S lying oleil


Water closer to 10 ° than 20 ° is the passion that takes them on the water to wait for the waves until the end of the day, they have all my admiration.

We will wait a little longer for the picnics by the sea, there may only be the Eskimos who would appreciate it.

Edges sea

The cold, the wind and the elements do not impress us to bring you these superb images