Nikon club competition
These photos have been or will soon be presented at the various competitions organized by Nikon club. You have the example of images rewarded by the public opposite. Above all, if we participate in these contests, it is for a deeper approach to the creation of a photo. We look at the written theme and leave on a reflection which is sometimes stormy but in the end, constructive and that brings these images.
I regret that sometimes some award-winning images are not in the theme, but it is the risk when the vote is public. It's up to us to make ourselves known and to improve.
We will soon put all the photos on offer and also those that have not been submitted but which seem to us to be successful.

B ravo to Nat. for her 10 th place in the Nikon "soft glow" competition, audience prize, when she submitted the photo 2 hours before the closing !!!

B ravo to Nat. for his ninth place in one of the Nikon "double exposure" competitions, public award. Join me in congratulating her. Second time it has been ranked in the top ten in less than two months.

T his image was ranked 4 th in the Nikon contest "outdoor night" audience award. We are quite proud of this result because it competed in the middle of about a thousand photos